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Here are some things to consider while you prepare for your trip to Pucará, Ecuador:


  • Pucará's climate is generally dry during the months of June to November.
  • Pucará's climate is generally wet during the months of December to May.
  • Pack clothes for the appropriate season. Layers work the best. The sun is intense as we are on the equator and at high altitude. Light-weight long sleeves and pants are best for the warmer times.


  • Pucará has an altitude of 8,629 feet (2,630 meters).
  • While you may feel out of breath at unexpected times, most healthy individuals do not experience altitude sickness at this level. Making sure that you remain hydrated and well rested will help.
  • If you do feel affected by the altitude in Pucará, a few days of rest is usually all you need for your body to acclimate, and this is a great place to rest.

Water & Food

  • Pucará Bed & Breakfast provide 1.5 gallons of purified drinking water. The water from the faucet needs to be filtered or boiled before consumed.
  • The water is perfectly safe for bathing and cleaning.
  • Ecuador has many different climate regions, and therefore is home to a large variety of fruits and vegetables. Grains, dairy, and meat, are also widely available. Salads and raw vegetables should be washed with grapefruit seed extract or the like to ensure safe consumption.
  • This region of Ecuador has a newly emerging Micro-Brew Beer culture! Look forward to having good beer while on your trip!


  • Pucará is FREE of Aedes mosquitoes (the type that carry the Zika virus).
  • Small biting insects always exist in the country, however you can rest assure that you will NOT need a to sleep with a mosquito net or use excessive repellent during your stay at our Bed & Breakfast.
  • Hikes or excursions outside Pucará may present different climate zones, therefore, you should prepare to encounter mosquitoes and other biting insects in other parts of Ecuador.


  • Pucará is a safe community.
  • Rocky, our German Shepard, helps our guests feel extra safe by keeping a watch over the property.

Rules of the house

  • Respect nature, the environment, and the indigenous culture and traditions.
  • Smoking inside the house is not allowed– we have many green spaces and terraces where you may smoke.


Our Location

We are located in the beautiful countryside just outside of Otavalo and Cotacachi, Ecuador– in the quaint native community of Pucará.