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What Our Students Say

"I have taken Spanish classes at Pucara Spanish school for almost 1 year. My level of Spanish has increased greatly from my individualized lessons. Katy, my instructor, is a highly professional and certified Spanish teacher. She has excellent curriculums and is always amenable to work to whatever my language learning goal. Classes can be group or individual, which I have done both. A typical class consists of conversation, grammar, reading, and writing. I throughly enjoy taking classes here as they have been some of the best I've ever had. I highly recommend Pucara Spanish school."

–Kristin, USA

"I am a 73 year old female from the United States, California. I have been here in Cotacachi for 7 months and taking Spanish classes with Katty for about 5 or 6 months. It is necessary for me to understand and speak spanish because I plan to live in Cotacachi and want to communicate with the locals and understand their culture.

Katty is an excellent teacher. She is personable, very intelligent and has a good sense of humor. Being able to laugh about our grammar errors is very important because we do make a lot of errors. She uses a variety of methods: chalk board, handouts, text book,conversation—all very helpful. Katty is very good at pacing in the class; there is never a dull or boring moment. Katty is also readily available by email for questions and schedule changes.

Location of the school is excellent."

–Jeannie, USA

"I am working in the hospital as a volunteer of South Korea. When I came to Ecuador I barely spoke Spanish. Language is a necessity for living and working in Ecuador. I used every resource that I could to learn Spanish– learning through video, private lesson, studying alone, group study, and going to Pucara Spanish School. After my trials and errors, I can confidently say that Pucara Spanish School is the best decision I ever made.

There are so many reasons that I like the school. Most of all, I like the teachers. They teach sooooooo good. They worked in Quito and they know how to teach. There are two teachers, Katty and Isabel. I am learning from both. They are really different but I like each equally. Isabel teaches grammar well. She explained grammar easily and made me practice it. She is serious and works so hard. If you want intensive study or grammar oriented Spanish (Koreans like it so much!), I highly recommended to have a class with her.

President of school, Katty, is really awesome in different ways than Isabel. She is always happy and so kind. She teaches not just Spanish but also culture. She cares about her students a loooooot! She invited us (4 Korean volunteers) to her house (Pucara B&B) and she gave us her organic quinoa as a present. She is a perfect teacher, especially speaking. While you speak with her, time just flies. So I want to recommend that you have class with the two teachers!

Location is beside the San Francisco park, which is in the center of Cotacachi. One more thing, hot tea and coffee are always waiting for you in the school!"

–Olivia, South Korea

"I am from the United States and I have lived in Cotacachi, Ecuador for three and a half years. I am studying Spanish in order to be able to converse fluently and to participate fully in activities with Ecuadorians. I have not studied Spanish before living in Cotacachi, but I have had some exposure to the language at various times in my life.

Studying at Pucara Spanish School is helping me expand my ability to speak and understand Spanish. I have found the study materials very helpful and the teacher has been accommodating and flexible to meet my specific needs and budget. I like the manual because it has a variety of types of work including reading and comprehension exercises, fill in the blank exercises, instructive cultural and historical material.

The school is well located and easy to find."

–Julie, USA

"I have lived in Cotacachi for 3 years. I studied for a few months, and plan to return again soon. I am studying because I speak a little, but need to improve my Spanish because it is important to me in order to integrate into this community better.

The schedule is great. Katty was very flexible, and willing to work with my schedule.

The location is perfect.

I have definitely improved since coming to Pucara!"

–Janette, Canada

"Living in Ecuador, if you want to assimilate with this beautiful country's residents & culture learning Spanish is vital. Living in Cotacachi we are fortunate to have the Pucara Spanish School. Centrally located, we have the ability to select 1:1 or group classes with the an option of number of days, length of class, time of day and reasonable prices. Katty and Isabel are instructors.

I started classes 3 months ago and I already feel more confident in both my comprehension & speaking ability. I meet with Isabel 3 times a week for 1 1/2 hrs. each session. Isabel is organized and focused on material that includes grammar, writing, speaking, reading, and comprehension. A book accompanies the lessons that allows for additional practice and I also receive handouts that reinforces the lessons. Isabel is knowledgable, great sense of humor, and has lots of patience. She provides many learning examples, answers my many questions and corrects my errors in grammar & pronunciation.

Pucara Spanish School is flexible and focuses on the student's satisfaction. I highly recommend that you check it out!"

–Marsha, USA

"Katty is my teacher and now very good friend. She not only teaches me the language but also the culture. She and her family have also helped us with things outside of class and makes me and my husband feel like family.
 The home work she assigns me is very reasonable, even when I am lazy she is kind and understanding. She always speaks to me in Spanish and helps me figure out what she is saying even when I bable on in English, patience, patience, patience. 
She is always commending.

I like the location in Cotacachi, the bus drops me off very near the classroom and there are 2 coffee shops next door, a plus for me because I attend in the mornings.
 At the moment I can only attend once a week but look forward to each one. I enjoy each and every class and highly recommend anyone who wants to learn Spanish and life in Ecuador to attend and get to know Katty and her family, you will embrace them and learn a lot."

–Debbie, USA

"I am a writer and retired educator, originally from Canada.  I first came to Ecuador about nine years ago and have lived here most of the past three or four years. Katty is terrific, extremely patient, good at determining individual level and meeting individual needs.  A skilful translator as well. The materials are varied and interesting, though progression from one lesson to the next is not always obvious.

Close to San Francisco Park… convenient and within walking distance."

–Sheila, Canada

"I highly recommend taking Spanish classes with Katy!!!! She is very knowledgeable and has lots of international teaching experience. I took classes from her as a semi-advanced student. I was in need of a refresher and she was able to help with what I needed and wanted. She is friendly, welcoming, smart and you will enjoy learning from her very much! I've had many Spanish teachers over the years....and she is one of the best! And......my dog loves her too!!!! :-) Chia's Spanish improved immensely while I was taking classes because she was there with me every day!"

–Mary, USA

"My sister and I have been taking Spanish at Pucara Spanish school for a year. We have found the classes extremely helpful and useful. We learned a great deal of vocabulary and grammar that is practical and helps us on a daily basis. Katty is a great teacher and has also taught us a lot about the culture and customs of Ecuador. She is flexible and works with the interests and needs of each student and also makes the class fun and enjoyable."

–Abi, USA

Our Location

We are located in the beautiful countryside just outside of Otavalo and Cotacachi, Ecuador– in the quaint native community of Pucará.